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In Algeria: discovery of fragments of a meteorite older than Earth!

Almost as old as the solar system, barely older than the Earth : a piece of meteorite was found in the Sahara desert in May 2020. It is the oldest meteorite ever known on Earth 
The meteorite EC 002 dates back 4.565 billion years, two million years older than Earth (4.543 billion years). It is the oldest meteorite ever discovered.

In a recent report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , experts indicate that EC 002 is an andesite-type volcanic rock from the crust of an ancient protoplanet, i.e. a forming planet or a protoplanet. – now extinct.

One of the fragments of the meteorite weighing 1839 g was examined and photographed. Its chemical structure has shown that the EC 002 meteorite is unlike any other known asteroid. Most of the meteorites found on Earth are made of basalt rock , another type of volcanic rock .

Andesites are part of volcanic or eruptive rocks, made up of silicates rich in sodium . They are found in subduction zones, where tectonic plates collide and overlap.

Specimens of this type of body are rare, they could have been totally wiped out or have merged to form planets.

The meteorite EC 002, classified as achondrite, has an igneous texture due to fusion , and is composed of crystals of pyroxene and large green crystals measuring up to 9 cm.

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