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Hertha Firnberg Program in Austria for Highly Qualified Female Scientists In Any Discipline

The FWF is offering extremely well qualified female scientists who are working towards a career in universities the chance of a two-stage funding for a total of six years.

The career development programme for female scientists is divided into the Hertha Firnberg Programme for post-docs, which aims to support women at the start of their scientific careers, and the Elise Richter Programme for senior post-docs,and the Elise Richter Program for arts-based research, Elise Richter PEEK, which aim at providing the necessary qualifications to apply for professorial positions within Austria or abroad.

Target group
Highly qualified female scientists of any scientific discipline, who have completed their university studies


  • Improvement of the career prospects for women in Austrian research facilities
  • very generous support during the postdoc phase for women at the start of their scientific careers or on its resumption following maternity leave


  • completed doctoral studies
  • international scientific publications

36 months (up to 12 months therefrom can be spent at research facilities abroad)


  • personnel costs of 64,670 € per year
  • project-specific costs up to 12,000 € per year


  • 2 calls a year in spring/autumn.
    Next call: October 16 – December 15, 2017 (date of the postmark)
  • in English


  • by the FWF Board based on an international review process
  • in the June Board meeting (for fall call), in the November or December Board meeting (for spring call)



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