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Kuwait Prize 2020 Invitation for Nominations

Written by jeunes

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences invites universities, scientific and research institutions and individuals (see items 3 and 4 below) to submit nominations of Kuwaiti and Arab scientists for the 2020 cycle of the Kuwait Prize.

The five fields for the 2020 cycle of the Prize are:

  • Basic Sciences: Earth Sciences (including but not limited to: geology, atmospheric sciences, meteorology, oceanography, mineralogy).
  • Applied Sciences: Engineering Sciences (including but not limited to: mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil, computer, industrial, nuclear & petroleum engineering).
  • Economics and Social Sciences: Administrative, Financial, and Banking Sciences.
  • Arts and Literature: Studies in the Fine and Performing Arts and Music.
  • Arabic and Islamic Scientific Heritage:  (including but not limited to basic sciences, applied sciences, mathematics)

KFAS awards an annual Prize cash sum of K.D. 40,000 (Approx. $135,000) for each field.

Conditions and requirements:

  1. KFAS accepts nominations that are provided by universities, academic and research institutions, scientific centers, former laureates of the Kuwait Prize as well as peers of the nominees. KFAS does not accept nominations from political entities.
  2. KFAS also accepts self-nominations that meet all criteria. To support their self-nomination, individuals must provide a list of five references: four academicians/researchers and one scientific institution. KFAS will seek out support letters from three of these references (two academicians and the scientific institution).
  3. Nominations to fields 1-4 are open to nationals of Arab countries who possess evidence that demonstrates a birthplace within the Arab world, or hold a valid Arabic passport. Nomination to the 5th field (Arabic and Islamic Scientific Heritage) is open to all nationalities. 
  4. Nominees must be scholars who hold a PhD.
  5. Submitted scholarly works should be innovative, constitute a significant contribution to the announced field, and published during the past twenty years. Submitted works can include articles that are published (or accepted for publication) in refereed journals, as well as chapters of books and full-length books with ISBN number (authored, translated, edited). Creative literary and art works, the MA and PhD theses, as well as publications extracted from them will not be reviewed as part of the achievement dossier of the nominee.
  6. Nominees must complete the official Prize Nomination Form and send it electronically, accompanied by e-copies of all scholarly works. The Nomination Form is available on KFAS’s website: .The Nomination Form for the fields of Fundamental Sciences and Applied Sciences must be completed in English. 
  7. The Nomination Form as well as all items that comprise the nominee’s scientific achievement dossier must be sent in PDF format, through the cloud storage services sites such as Google Drive–Dropbox–OneDrive (via Prizes Office email: ).
  8. KFAS’s decisions regarding the awarding of the Prize are final and undisputable. All objections are dismissed.
  9. All required and relevant documents to the Prize nomination process must be submitted by 24th August 2020.

For more information and inquiries please, contact the Prizes Office on the following:
Tel: +965-22270465 / E-Mail: 

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