Zero Project Call for Nominations 2024: Inclusive Education and ICT

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The Zero Project Call for Nominations 2024 (#ZeroCall24) is focused on Inclusive Education, and ICT. It calls on inclusive, innovative, and scalable solutions from around the world to submit their nominations, which will be evaluated in a multi-step process that includes peer-review and voting. A select number of solutions will receive a Zero Project Award and support through the Zero Project Network.

The Zero Project encourages nominations from all sectors of society – policy makers, startups, academia, civil society, businesses – and especially, those relating to multiple or severe disabilities, humanitarian action, gender equality, the arts, sexual orientation, psychosocial disabilities, or other multiple disadvantaged groups.

The Zero Project has identified seven subtopics within Education (Formal Education, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Pre-School and Early Childhood Intervention, Non-Formal Education, Digital Learning, Lifelong Learning, and Education in Emergencies) and twelve within ICT (Gaming Solutions, Translation/Conversation Tools, Orientation Systems, Community and Knowledge Platform, Digital Library, Computer Steering Technologies, Mobile Services and Smartphone Apps, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Big Data Solutions, Social Media, Internet of Things, 3D Printing and Robotics and Automated Machinery).

Find out more about Inclusive Education, ICT, and the subtopics here.

#ZeroCall24 opens on Monday May 8, 2023 and nominations will be accepted until Sunday June 18, 2023.

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Why become a Zero Project Awardee?

“Zero Project has created a community of friends who are glad and ready to help each other at any time. I see the Zero Project as a big convening power focused on innovating continuously and adapting to change.”



To view previous Awardees from around the world, go to:


Becoming a Zero Project Awardee opens doors, opportunities, and promotion channels to impactful, innovative, and inclusive disability inclusion stakeholders around the world. Each Awardee is invited to showcase solutions at the annual Zero Project Conference, hosted on the grounds at the United Nations Office at Vienna – a three-day Conference boasting 1000+ participants from 80+ countries. During the Conference, Awardees present solutions to a broad international audience, forge connections with entrepreneurs, innovators, and organizations, and tap into new global opportunities.

Beyond the Conference, Awardees receive access to the Zero Project Network, which includes leading organizations, such as the United Nations, international organizations, governments, multinational corporations, international funding agencies, foundations, and globally active non-government organizations. Each Awardee is incorporated into the Zero Project database and the Zero Project publication line, which consists of respective annual reports, sector reports, and the Zero Project Almanac. The Impact Transfer Program and the Zero Project Technology Forum are accelerator programs and B2B channels setup specifically to support the rapid scaling of proven disability innovation solutions.

The Zero Project is a platform and stage, which is provided to all free of charge, towards a world with zero barriers.

Take your chance today, nominate, and join the Zero Project Family!

About this year’s topics and subtopics

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The Zero Project Call for Nomination is based on a research-driven approach that aims to identify, curate, and share inclusive solutions, as intended and encouraged by Article 32 of the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). In order to achieve this objective, the Zero Project engages with a worldwide cross-sectoral network of innovators, decision-makers, and disability experts. Both the research and selection processes involve and rely on the expertise of people with lived experience of disabilities.

The #ZeroCall24 topic of Inclusive Education, and ICT relate to a range of UN CRPD articles, which will be referenced in each of the individual sections below for your reference.

To ensure that your nomination falls within the scope of #ZeroCall24, please read carefully through the criteria on which solutions are evaluated and the topic and subtopic definitions here below.

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