Henan Medical College of Zhengzhou University Sincerely Invite Overseas Talents to Join Us

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The Excellent Young Scientists Fund Project (Overseas) aims to attract and encourage overseas outstanding young scholars (welcome Chinese and non-Chinese expatriates) who have made high-impact achievements in natural science and engineering technology to work in China. Scholars can choose research directions independently and carry out innovative research, which could promote the rapid growth of young talents and cultivate a number of outstanding academic cadres who are expected to enter the frontier of science and technology in the world, contributing to build China’s strength in science and technology .


1. Having good scientific ethics and consciously practicing the spirit of scientists in the new era;

2. Having a doctorate degree;

3. Medicine and related disciplines;

4. Before April 15, 2022, a formal teaching or scientific research position would be obtained in an overseas university, scientific research institution or R&D institution in enterprise with more than 36 consecutive months of working experience; for those who have obtained a PhD degree overseas with particularly outstanding performance, the working period requirement may be appropriately relaxed.

5. Gaining scientific research or technology achievements recognized by peer experts, and having the potential to become an academic leader or outstanding talent in this field;

6. For the applicant who has not returned to China to work full-time or returned after January 1, 2021, the applicant must resign from overseas work or have no work abroad, and is required to work full-time in China for at least 3 years after being notified of the grant.


Project Funding

Amount of funding: RMB 1-3 million

Funding period: 3 years

 Treatment and Support

1. Stuffing of public institution, professor title and doctoral qualification;

2. an annual salary of RMB 800,000-1,200,000 (before tax) provided by the university, in addition to living allowances funded by the national and local governments;

3. 2-5 million RMB (before tax) settlement fee (dovetailed with Zhengzhou city policy);

4. no less than 10 million RMB financial support of scientific research startup and platform construction;

5. Assistance in children’s enrollment in ZZU education system and enjoying corresponding medical security;

6. Encouraging team building, supporting the recruitment of doctors and post-doctors, and introducing young teachers and full-time scientific researchers (the salary is mainly borne by the University, and the qualified ones are provided with stuffing of public institution);

7. Providing follow-up service and careful guidance throughout the application process.

How to apply

Please send your resume  to  kdliu@zzu.edu.cn or amsxk@zzu.edu.cn before April 10, 2022, and specify “Overseas Talent Introduction Project ”as the subject.

Contact: Mr. Liu, Mr. Wen, Dr. Zhang

Tel: + 86-371-67781716/66658892/66658862

 About Academy of Medical Sciences of Zhengzhou University and Henan Medical College

The medical education in Zhengzhou University was originated from the Fifth National Sun Yat-sen University in 1928. Henan Medical College was established independently in 1952, which set the precedent of medical higher education in Henan. After more than 90 years of development, its comprehensive strength ranks among the top local universities with complete disciplines and an established talent training system. Clinical medicine is one of the three national first-class construction disciplines of Zhengzhou University, while pathology and pathophysiology are national key (cultivation) disciplines. The Medical College has one provincial and ministerial jointly-built national key laboratory, one national engineering laboratory and three national research centers. At present, there are 36 national key clinical specialties in 12 affiliated hospitals, with more than 30000 beds and the annual outpatient volume exceeding 20 million (times), gathering the best medical resources in Henan Province.

In accordance with international standards, the AMS has built public experimental platforms for basic medicine, translational medicine, experimental animals and others with a total area of more than 30,000 square meters. The laboratories and instruments are at the international leading level, which is open to school’s medical departments and affiliated hospitals, providing first-class scientific research platforms and services for faculty.

The Academy always adheres to the concept of international construction and development and strengthens basic research and scientific research translation. It is not only an experimental area for the reform of discipline system and talent policy, but also the pilot unit of the first batch of internationalization demonstration colleges of local universities. Professor Nicholas Robert Lemoine, a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the UK and a Foreign Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has been employed as the Dean of AMS. The Academy has established an international “talent special zone”, a talent recruitment and management system in line with international standards, and an internationally competitive salary and treatment system. It is the leading construction unit of clinical medicine (tumor prevention and treatment as well as translational medicine), which is mainly committed to scientific research in the field of tumor prevention and treatment. It has three major public platforms for medical scientific research and seven research centers, which carries the vital mission of leading the medical discipline of our university to enter the first-class discipline, realizing internationalization and cultivating superb talents.

We sincerely invite outstanding scholars at home and abroad to join us to create a World-class University!

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