CRIS Cancer Foundation Excellence Programme

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In the generation of new therapies it is very important to have scientists and clinicians with translational training in order to achieve a real impact on the treatment and management of patients. Unfortunately, this is a profile that is difficult to find.

The CRIS Excellence Programme aims for this type of researchers to lead the creation of research groups of international relevance:

  1. To favor the research development of outstanding clinicians or researchers in cancer research programs with projects of high clinical application.
  2. That these researchers have the necessary support to be able to develop their independence and creativity.
  3. To turn these professionals into elite clinicians/researchers, capable of developing transformative research.
  4. That this type of researchers lead the transformation of the hospital and research centers that host them into key centers of international relevance.
  5. Provide competitive economic conditions and incentives to stabilize them in Spain.

What is funded

The maximum grant awarded will be €1.250,000, which will be spread over five annual instalments of up to €250,000 a year that include:

  • Salary: Labor contract up to 70.000€, which includes social security contributions and any other contributions payable by the institution, as well as the beneficiary’s gross remuneration. The remainder can be used flexibly in the project. The following options are contemplated:
    • Intensification of between 50% and 100% of the candidate’s working day. The endowment will cover the costs incurred by the institution hosting the program beneficiary.
    • In the case of a new recruitment and the physician does not work in health care, i.e. is exclusively dedicated to research, the CRIS Clinical Talent Program provides the possibility for candidates to fully cover their recruitment costs up to a maximum of €70,000 gross per year.
  • Costs associated with research project:
    • Registration to scientific meetings and conferences, travel and daily allowance expenses
    • Costs of management of industrial and intellectual property rights related to the project, patent costs.
    • Other expenses of the research project such as acquisition of scientific equipment, consumables and contracting.
  • Family support and relocating


5 years


  1. Researchers who obtained their PhD degree between 2 and 15 years prior to the year of publication of the call (between January 2007 and December 2020) are eligible to apply.
  2. The candidate must have at least 15 publications in scientific journals and 3 of them as first authors in 1st quartile journals
  3. It must present a synopsis of the line of research associated with the call request and which will be the object of the funding associated with the program. The project must demonstrate a high scientific and technical quality.
  4. The candidate must propose a mentor for the research project at the host institution and provide his/her background with the application. The mentor should facilitate the professional development of the researcher and the project at the institution.
  5. The CRIS Clinical Talent Programme is open to postdoctoral researchers of any nationality.

Job Features

Job CategoryTeaching and scientific research

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