Black soap, what is it for?

It works beautifully from floor to ceiling, including the garden, and from head to toe, or almost. Please note, this soap is a 100% natural miracle product.

Black soap is a compound of potash and a fatty substance (olive oil, walnuts, flax, corn … be careful, there is no palm oil!) For black soap designed for domestic use . Cosmetic black soap is made from oil and black olives macerated in salt and potash, resulting in a smooth paste when added to water. In general, do not use black soaps enriched with more than one product.

Liquid or solid?
It comes in both forms , but mostly liquid. The black soap paste will be diluted, due to its high concentration, in hot water in small quantities. It costs a little more.

Uses of black soap for the house
Diluted in hot water, more or less depending on the use , it is a very good cleaner for all types of floors and coverings – possibly mixed with soda crystals. Powerful degreaser, it can act as a window cleaner and remove grease on the hob or barbecue. It can replace dishwashing liquid, aggressive products that make copper and silverware shine, and washing powder (about 1 tablespoon per kiloof laundry, mixed if possible with baking soda or percarbonate of soda). Feel free to soak parts or kitchen utensils in a mixture of hot water and black soap, or your paintbrushes and paint rollers. Finally, it detaches leathers and textiles.

Uses black body soap
Under his cosmetic form, the soap is a well known beauty product of oriental women who use the hammam with a glove of horsehair horse . Rich in vitamin E, natural exfoliation, odorless, it is suitable for all skin types. You can perfume it with a drop of essential oil.

Uses of black soap in the garden
Black soap, a natural insecticide, is repellent against many enemies of gardeners: red spiders, mealybugs, aphids… Always dilute in lukewarm water then spray directly on the leaves (30 g for 1 liter ).

Unexpected Uses
Use this miracle product as a spray on the hinges of a squeaky door, or as a pest control shampoo for your pets – dogs , cats, horses, etc.

Where to find it?

In all good DIY stores and organic grocery stores: count around 5 to 10 euros per liter for black household soap, between 10 and 15 euros per 200 ml for its cosmetic variation.

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