LEAD2030: Win £ 50,000 to support your SDG solution

Powered by some of the world’s largest companies, Lead2030 is a One Young World initiative for the SDGs. The latest Lead2030 challenges have delivered over 2,200 SDG solutions in over 140 countries. Lead2030 Challenge winners will receive $ 50,000 plus 12 months of executive mentoring from their challenge partner to help them amplify their impact as they tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues.

From eradicating extreme  poverty  to protecting our oceans, the Sustainable Development Goals are an ambitious roadmap for a sustainable future. To make this future a reality by 2030, we need a generation of young leaders who meaningfully engage with the Sustainable Development Goals and work with determination to achieve them.

Each Challenge Partner supports their winner’s journey with a set of expert advice and guidance drawn from across their global operations.

New Lead2030 challenges are now open for applications. Please visit the challenge by clicking Next.

Lead2030 challenge for SDG 2: How to end hunger by 2030?

Deadline  : 23-Sep-21

Nominations are now open for Lead2030 challenge for the ODD 2 to support the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the  UN  working to eradicate the burden of preventable diseases, improving the nutrition of infants and children (especially during the first 1000 days) and helping the world live more sustainably within its planetary borders.

Globally in 2020, 22% or 149.2 million  children under the  age of 5 suffered from stunted childhood. , defined by a low height-age ratio. Childhood growth retardation can occur in the first 1000 days after conception and is linked to many factors including socioeconomic status, food intake, infections, maternal nutritional status, infectious diseases, micronutrient deficiencies and the  environment  .

Poor children with iodine and iron deficiencies can suffer from irreversible brain damage, preventing them from reaching their full developmental potential. They have shorter adult height and higher susceptibility to chronic disease in adulthood, lower attainment levels, and reduced adult income. Stunted and emaciated children also have a higher risk of mortality, which is increased when the two conditions coexist in the same population.

Areas of intervention

Applicants must demonstrate their impact in at least one of the following areas:

  • Ensure that   pregnant and breastfeeding women benefit from the best nutrition and sanitation conditions in undernourished populations in order to reduce stunting in the first 1000 days, the risk of low birth weight infants at birth. birth and adverse perinatal outcomes.
  • Ensure that children under 5 do not go hungry and receive adequate nutrients to support their mental and physical development.

Funding Information

The winning solution will receive:

  • A grant of US $ 50,000 from Reckitt
  • 12 months of mentoring by a team of Reckitt professionals. The mentoring team will strive to accelerate your solution based on the needs of your initiative or organization, such as:
    • Business strategy
    • Best practices for data collection
    • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Product design

Challenge criteria

  • Aligned  : Obviously aligned with the challenge.
  • Youth-led:   Founded by someone between the ages of 18-30.
  • Targeted:   Well-structured time horizon, key stakeholders and beneficiaries identified, and proposed outcomes that are reasonable and well thought out.
  • Market ready:   product / service already on the market or ready to be placed on the market.
  • Impactful:   solutions must have a positive social impact, for example by creating  jobs  or developing skills.
  • Measurable: the   impacts of the solutions must have been adequately measured and / or be measurable.
  • Financially viable:   Must be able to achieve efficiency and survive independently through the resources they generate and / or the investments and donations they attract.
  • Scalable:  Potential to perform as well or better after expanding reach or size and / or being transported to other regions.

For more information visit  https://www.oneyoungworld.com/lead2030

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