This solution is not welcome to combat the transmission of the disease.

In order to protect themselves from the Covid-19, people prefer to wear rubber gloves when they are away from home. During the first round of municipal elections, the assessors also made this choice.
However, it is not advisable to wear gloves outside. “Do not wear gloves. The best solution is to wash your hands regularly, ”said Jérôme Salomon, director general of health, during his briefing on Tuesday.

“Many people wear gloves. When you wear gloves, you potentially have viruses on your hands and then you touch your face, you have contact with people. We contaminate our environment, we contaminate the people with whom we interact, and in addition we often touch our faces under the mask so we contaminate ourselves massively thinking that we are protected ”, he alerted.

Similarly, the WHO explains on its website that “washing your hands regularly protects you better from Covid-19 than wearing rubber gloves. The virus may be on the gloves and there is a risk of contamination if you touch your face with the gloves. ”