Parkinson’s: Smaller and lighter “smart” glove, designed to stabilize hand tremors

The second generation of smaller, battery-less stabilizer gloves capable of accommodating a wider range of hand tremors in people with essential tremors and Parkinson’s disease was developed by the company Canadian Steadiwear Inc.

We believe that the “smart” Steadi-Two glove is a device that changes the face of the world and that it will have an even greater impact than the first version, which changed lives, “said Mark Elias, CEO of Steadiwear. Elias co-founded the startup supported by AGE-WELL with Emile Maamary, Marketing Director, in 2015.

The Steadi-Two glove is created to “intelligently” stabilize the wrist joint and forearm of people living with essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease. (CNW Group / Network of Centers of Excellence (NCE) Age-Well)
The Steadi-Two glove is designed to “intelligently” stabilize the wrist joint and forearm of people with essential tremors and disease of Parkinson’s. (CNW Group / Age-Well Network of Centers of Excellence (NCE))
Steadi-Two is now available for pre-orders in Canada and the United States on with a second quarter delivery date of 2022.

People with hand tremors may experience difficulty eating, drinking, dressing, writing, and using a cell phone or computer, as well as many other activities in their personal and work lives. Studies show that 30% of people with tremors lose their jobs or take early retirement because of their condition. In the United States, where an estimated 10 million people live with an essential tremor, the annual cost of the disease is $ 142.7 billion.

John Kirkconnell, of Guelph, Ont., Was the first person with essential tremors to try the Steadi-Two. A Steadi-One follower, who claims the original glove “changed his life”, Kirkconnell is “stunned” by the Steadi-Two. He’s one of the beta testers giving their opinion on the Steadi-Two, which was lab tested earlier this year.

“It’s just wonderful. It’s much easier to put it on and take it off, it’s smaller and lighter,” says the retired rescuer, who has used the new glove for daily activities such as than to eat, drink and shave. “He’s going to make my life so much easier.”

In 2021, Steadiwear received the People’s Choice Award in CABHI’s MC² Capital Showcase Competition, and was named a finalist in the Life Sciences Hardware Cup Competition and MedVentures Healthcare Innovation Showcase Competition. .

Steadiwear completed a start-up investment round in the summer of 2021.

SOURCE The AGE-WELL Network of Centers of Excellence (RCE)


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