Prix et Concours


You are a teacher of French, sciences or sciences in French or even a trainer, mediator, in a university, an educational establishment, a cultural center, an Institute or Alliance française, a library, a museum or a teaching center of the French language ?

What is it about ?

Pay homage, 400 years after his birth, to Jean de La Fontaine. Write a fable in its own way without plagiarizing it. By writing, in French, a personal and creative fable of one page maximum (approx. 1000 characters) necessarily comprising 5 words chosen by the participant as re-presentative of the theme of the competition (5 words which will form the ” Small lexicon ”indicated on the contest entry form).

To win one of the 50 prizes: You will have to create a new fable “à la style”, with staged human and / or animal characters, a confrontation between them and a moral of the story. Your writing will be a 21st century fable (in current French). Your fable, will be based on your knowledge of our time, very different from that of Jean de La Fontaine who could not know, in his time, the state of a science not yet constituted which asks us in 2021 serious questions about the planet, the climate, the relationships between living beings, without forgetting the human species and the ambivalences of science concerning the status of animals. In a way, we suggest that you take a leap of 4 centuries to measure the progress of our knowledge! Let’s become for a moment both an ancient and a modern,

What about my class and my students, or my group of young people?

This 2021 competition is aimed particularly at teachers who produce their own writing. But 50% of the competition prizes (of the books offered) will go to the students. The teacher or the trainer must under his responsibility, limit the number of individual submissions to 5 per class or group of learners (art. 9 of the regulations). The 1st prize (a trip to Paris) cannot concern the pupils, because of their age. This 1st Prize is intended for the 1st winner, adult and teacher.

The organizers and the jury’s criteria

The main objective of the competition is: to combine French language and science and thus to promote a dual culture, literary and scientific. The 1-page writing proposed to the competition jury will be a text in French of good quality (minimum required for students: level B1-CEFR) combining these dual qualities. In July, the Jury will bring together the partners of the competition to classify the participants.

What are the competition prizes? Who will be the winners?

The competition has 50 prizes. The 1st Prize is a trip to Paris.The following 49 prizes are books offered by the partners of the competition. Only the 1st winner of the competition is informed of his prize. The 49 other prizes are sent by post to the address indicated in the bulletin.

How to participate ?

Participation is only in French and digitally between January 11 and July 1, 2021 .

You will find there: this notice, the registration form and the competition rules. You will send your individual and creative proposal (1 page maximum in Pdf, Word or Open Office format).

You must read the rules and accept them by checking the box on the registration form and indicating your 5 key words.

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