Who Lives Longest: Vegetarians or Carnivores?

A lot of people have gone vegetarians for health reasons, but is it really the best choice? Or is there a real health benefit to forgoing meat?

Carnivores and vegetarians have an eternal bickering, one group always tries to “convert” the other and show them what a big mistake they are making. Those who follow a plant-based and plant-based diet say that meat is poisonous, unnatural, and also slowly kills the environment, but the opposing “team” still an answer and there are those who say that in ancient times (the time of the first men) eating meat was what helped us live long enough to get to where we are today. Without having eaten meat, being a vegetarian would not be possible because it is a luxury of life modern and the thousands of options out there today (like the plant-based burger and all that).

Who is ultimately healthier? A Graz University study indicates that it is not necessary to be a vegetarian, and in fact, carnivores are generally in better health (when will do you roast the meat or what?).
The study focused on 3 main areas , cancer risk , allergies and the rest of suffering from mental disorders or illnesses and found that, in general, vegetarians are more likely to be sick, in plus, there is also an increased risk of developing a certain type of cancerand suffer from heart attacks. We don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but the study also indicates that by analyzing the reactions they received during the research, there is also an increased risk of having mental health issues .

The study does not say that eating meat makes you healthier or that eating vegetables is bad for your health, it just says that there is a link between good health and people who follow a diet that includes eating of meat and other animal products. The researchers wrote that “our study showed that adults who follow a vegetarian diet are less healthy (in terms of cancer allergies). and mental disorders) ”, but there is (ample) evidence that a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, grains, healthy fats and animal protein (preferably white meat) is most healthy for the pace and lifestyle we lead today.

When it comes to red meat, some studies indicate that more processed products (like bacon or sausages) aren’t as healthy for you, but like everything, moderate consumption doesn’t cause any harm (unless you are allergic then you will have a hard time).

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