Top 40 global internet sites for free distance education

The largest collection of free distance education sites we put in your hands, and we ask you to contribute to spreading it so that the benefit may be spread

1- EDX site

A pioneer in the field of education with the support of many prestigious scientific and educational institutions around the world such as Harvard, Massachusetts, Berkeley, Texas, Boston and other prestigious universities. The courses are free of charge, and the site offers accredited certificates upon your request for an additional fee.

2- Udemy

One of the most important educational sites contains many courses in various fields by professional lecturers or amateurs. Udemy gives you a certificate of attending any course on the site. Personally, I tried it and obtained several certificates through it

3- Udacity Opportunity

Similar to Udemy, although it excels in some points such as exercises and the organization of the site itself

4- Khan Academy


Perhaps thanks to the MOOC revolution of this academy, Khan Academy is one of the oldest and most important sites that have adopted the idea of ​​distance education and still offers countless lessons and many students join it
Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that aims to spread knowledge Academic for all, using the most advanced educational methods. The Academy provides free theoretical resources that have been prepared on an international educational level, and thus it is considered a pioneer in this field.

The good news is that the Academy is now offering Arabic materials through the Khan Academy Arabic section

This wonderful site includes lectures in PDF format as well as lectures and tests in many different disciplines offered by Matsuchits University of Technology

A group of distinguished academic lectures provided by a group of professors around the world and from major universities in the world, all gathered on the Earth Academy website

7- Open Education Consortium 
was established in cooperation with higher education institutions and associated organizations from different parts of the world, providing rich and open educational content …



8- Coursera

He is interested in making the best education in the world freely available to anyone. Coursera is interested in delivering education to people all over the world, both in developed and developing countries, using an advanced platform …

9-When Linda Lynda

Linda offers some free courses at the beginning of the subscription to the site during the trial period, and it is one of the most famous and strongest sites in the field of distance education.



This wonderful site offers a mixture of audio and video lectures in various disciplines from the University of California by a group of the best university professors in the world

A site that contains a collection of many resources that help you in the field of education you want

OpenLearn aims to break barriers in education by reaching millions of learners around the world and providing free educational resources.

16- Open2study is
a distinguished site that offers many free lectures in a variety of disciplines

17- Iversity

A free German educational site with English language courses

18- Class centeral

Discover free online lessons (MOOCs) from universities like Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, etc.

19- wikiBooks

 It is a free library of educational books that anyone can read for free and without restrictions.

– Apple’s free app “gives students access to many courses in one place in the form of video, audio lectures, books, or presentations.”

TED-Ed -22

23- Wikiversity

 24- CK12

25- The Learnia

Novoed -26

27 – Carnegie University Open Education website

28 – Tufts University Open Education Website

29- University of Utah Open Education Website – United States of America

30 – University of California website

 University of CaliforniaIrvine (

31- University of Southern Queensland, Australia website.

 University of Southern Queensland (

32 –  University of Michigan

The student can access free courses from the University of Michigan in engineering, information science, Spanish and chemistry; through the site students can follow lectures, handouts, assignments, as well as presentations.
The University of Notre Dame offers lectures in areas such as English, Mathematics and Peace Studies. These courses are offered as curricula at the university and may include lectures, readings, homework and tests.

34-  Utah State University

The University of Utah provides free access to online courses through OCW. These courses cover everything from anthropology to natural resources. Lectures can include lecture notes, homework and reading assignments. Materials can be downloaded or viewed directly on the site.

35   Yale University

Free courses from Yale University include video lectures that are recorded in the school’s live classroom. Study materials include video, audio and text of the lectures, and may also include suggested readings, quizzes and exams. Some trainers provide access to supplementary materials. Non-credit courses include studies in psychology, organic chemistry, political science and English, and study materials can be viewed on the site or downloaded in a ZIP file.

36- W3Schools

Learn HTML , XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSL, ASP, SQL, ADO and VBScript
. Includes lessons, references and examples.

37- Livemocha

Livemocha is the most popular language learning website in the world

Code .org is a non – profit organization aimed at exposing all students to computer programming. We believe computer programming is a free art. This is something every student in the world should experience …

39- Google Education


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