Polish Returns Programme

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The Polish Returns Programme is addressed to Polish scientists working in any field around the world. The objective is to enable the outstanding Polish scientists to return to their home country and take up employment at Polish universities, scientific institutes, or research institutes. The participating researchers will be able to use the knowledge and experience gained at a foreign institution as they establish their own Project Group or join an existing research team in Poland.

The Programme includes 2 tracks, depending on the returning scientist’s academic career stage:  (1) Junior scientist; (2) Experienced scientist. It will give them the opportunity to:

  • return to Poland to create their own project group (research team);
  • conduct research in Poland under optimum conditions or carry out developmental work on par with global standards;
  • seek cooperation from specialists with international experience and knowledge in the field of the newest research trends in their scientific discipline through scientific units and research institutes;


The returning scientist may be a person who:

  • is a Polish citizen
  • holds a doctoral degree (for Junior scientist – obtained not earlier than 7 years before submitting the application)
  • has worked abroad as a scientist for the required period specified in the call text, and at that time has not lived nor worked in Poland
  • can demonstrate scientific achievements that are internationally recognized, and stand out in the context of a given discipline and career stage
  • gained experience in managing a research team or a research project as part of the research work abroad (for the Experienced scientist track).


  • Under the Junior scientist track the projects may last from 24 to 36 months, with NAWA financing up to PLN 1 143 200.
  • In the Experienced scientist track, projects from 36 to 48 months are possible with NAWA financing up to PLN 2 397 600.
  • Additionally,(1) in the case of basic research, one may apply for the NCN research component – a starting grant of up to PLN 200 000, and                                                            (2) in the case of application research and development work –  for the NCBR application component up to PLN 400 000.


The Programme funds

  • remuneration for the returning scientist
  • remuneration for the inviting person
  • remuneration for the project group
  • relocation of the returning scientist
  • research or application component

More information is available here.

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