Postdoc in Plasma Edge Turbulence Modeling – Eindhoven, Netherlands

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The Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER) performs leading fundamental research on materials, processes, and systems for a global sustainable energy infrastructure. We work in close partnership with (inter)national academia and industry. Our user facilities are open to industry and university researchers. As an institute of the Dutch Research Council (NWO) DIFFER plays a key role in fundamental research for the energy transition.

We use a multidisciplinary approach applicable on two key areas, solar fuels for the conversion and storage of renewable energy and nuclear fusion – as a clean source of energy.


High-fidelity gyrokinetic modeling of the scrape-off layer is essential in predicting and understanding confinement physics in fusion devices. By contributing to the further development of the Gkeyll code – through the implementation of finite-Larmor-radius effects or improvement of the solver for magnetic fluctuations – the candidate will lay the groundwork for and then conduct state-of-the-art studies, advancing our understanding of a crucial plasma region. This work will be performed in close collaboration with the Gkeyll Team at PPPL and experimentalists at DIFFER and/or WEST.



– improve and extend the gyrokinetic code Gkeyll

– test the new code against known solutions and other codes

– perform simulations in different geometries to assess impurity dynamics and transport in the scrape-off layer

– compare simulation results to experimental measurements on WEST Required background:

– experience in using the gyrokinetic framework

– knowledge of plasma edge/SOL physics

Optional background:

– knowledge of how heavy impurities impact turbulence and transport

– experience with edge gyrokinetic codes (e.g., Gkeyll or GENE-X)

– experience with edge fluid codes


This position is for 1 FTE, will be for a period of 2 years and is graded in pay scale 10. The position will be based at DIFFER ( and the working location will be at TU Eindhoven. When fulfilling a position at DIFFER, you will have an employee status at NWO. You can participate in all the employee benefits NWO offers. We have a number of regulations that support employees in finding a good work-life balance. At DIFFER we believe that a workforce diverse in gender, age and cultural background is key to performing excellent research. We therefore strongly encourage everyone to apply. More information on working at NWO can be found at the NWO website (


For more information concerning the position please contact  M.J. Pueschel via To apply for this position, please click the button underneath:

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June 30, 2024

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