Call for applications: 34th edition of the 2021 Roberval Prize Competition

The Roberval Prize, an international competition, open in all French-speaking countries, organized by the University of Technology of Compiègne, aims to support the production and distribution of works dealing with technology in the French language.

Five categories are open: General
Higher education
Scientific and technical journalism In
addition to the financial rewards awarded to the winning authors, the Roberval Prize organizes actions throughout the year to promote the works distinguished by their evaluation bodies to each stage of the competition.

You will find the rules and all the information intended to facilitate understanding of the
objectives of this prize, the conditions of participation and the submission of applications on the competition website .

Send your works quickly: if the closing date for applications is set for May 2021, the preselection committees analyze the works from February.
Applications must therefore be submitted as quickly as possible.

Rules of the Roberval Prize.

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