This scholarship is available to a candidate from a country that has recently been subjected to a significant negative impact on the environment, health or safety, where its mitigation relates to the area of ​​the selected master’s program.

After graduation, recipients will be expected to be an active member   of the  UWE Bristol graduate network  by helping the University promote its programs to potential students.

Study level MSc (full-time)
Reward values 100% tuition fees
Duration of the grant An academic year
Eligible Programs MSc Advanced Wildlife Conservation in practice
MRes Applied Science
MSc Biomedical Science
MSc Science Communication
MSc Environmental Health
MSc Health Psychology MSc Psychology
MRes Social Sciences
MSc Public Health
MSc Psychology of Sport and Exercise
MSc Forensic Medicine
Number of scholarships available One for an early September 2020 date
Nationalities accepted All classified abroad for cost purposes
Eligible applicants must
  • have obtained the equivalent of a British 1st or 2: 1 diploma in an undergraduate degree
  • be a candidate from a country that has recently been subjected to a significant negative impact on the environment, health or safety, when its mitigation relates to the field of the selected master’s program
  • hold an unconditional offer  or  a conditional offer where  IELTS  or an equivalent English language is the  only  condition
  • be a new student at UWE Bristol without any previous study in the UK
  • be classified abroad for fee purposes
  • not be a sponsored student or receive another scholarship / award
  • provide official transcripts at the time of request.
  • Note for successful applicants: upon acceptance of the scholarship you will need to demonstrate that you  meet UKVI  criteria   in terms of ability to cover living expenses and the rest of the costs.

How to register

Applications for the Dean’s Grant in the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences can be made online by selecting the “Apply for this course” option on the web page of the selected master’s program. The scholarship statement must not exceed 1000 words maximum.

To be considered for the scholarship, the team informs you that candidates will have to cover the following points in their personal declaration which should accompany the program request:

  • What potential you have for exceptional performance in the program – please note that this will be assessed both by proof of your academic record to date and the quality of your written request
  • What potential you have to become an exceptional professional in the field you have chosen and to help mitigate a recent negative impact on the environment, health or safety in your country of origin, and how your work experience at this day indicates exceptional achievements in relation to interests outside formal education
  • How you show the potential to be an effective ambassador for UWE Bristol when you return to your home country – you need to show an overview of the program of UK universities abroad and effective ways to influence potential audiences
  • How you show interest in other students in your program, showing a contribution that can enrich their experiences, not just yours.

Students who have postponed their application from the 2019/2020 to 2020/2021 school year will have to write another personal declaration if they wish to be considered for the scholarship and download it via their UWE home portal.

They must clearly write and save the document as  “Personal Declaration for the MSc (International) Scholarship from the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences”  before uploading it via their home portal.

The deadline for submission is April 30, 2020. Your application will be evaluated by a panel of professors which includes the program manager, and applicants will be informed of the final decision before May 29, 2020.

Email Peter Spencer-Phillips at  if you have any questions.

Read the  general conditions of  the  scholarship  .

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