Deadline:  September 18, 2020
Open to:  high school or college students |  Individual or team
benefits (maximum of 4)  :  total prize worth 90,000 USD

The description 


yourself as a social entrepreneur… passionate about solving a real world challenge… who would you be? What problem are you solving? How are you going to solve it? Modern complex challenges require innovation, motivation and a spark of superpowers! to be solved in a unique and imaginative way.


by telling them your story! Submit written content, illustrations, posters , the collages of pictures and even movies that can tell us about the mission of your superhero create, innovate and solve problems.


a superhero who takes on these challenges and shows us what he can do


creativity, in yourself and among your peers!


High school or college students | Individual or team (maximum of 4)


Total prize worth 90,000 USD

Superhero U is designed to identify and nurture talent through creative thinking, entrepreneurship and innovation, all of which can win prizes such as cash, gadgets, scholarships , internships and learning opportunities, to name a few. They will choose the  winners from every state and province around the world.

How to register?

For more information and to apply, please visit the  official webpage.