We are delighted to announce the launch of the GSMA Innovation Fund for Mobile Internet Adoption and Digital Inclusion. Applications are now  open  .

Are you a start-up or an SME   in  sub-Saharan Africa or Asia? Are you helping people get connected to the mobile Internet for the first time?

You may be eligible to apply for an equity grant of between £ 100,000 and £ 250,000 to scale up your innovation over a period of 15 to 18 months. Learn more below.

About the GSMA Innovation Fund for Driving Mobile Internet Adoption and Digital Inclusion

The mobile industry connects more than 3.5 billion citizens to the Internet worldwide and continues to lead efforts on digital inclusion by connecting more people every day. Despite this, there is still a “usage gap” of 3.3 billion people covered by mobile broadband networks who do not use mobile Internet services. These citizens tend to belong to the most marginalized groups and are disproportionately rural, female and illiterate. If current trends continue, more than 40% of the population of low- and middle-income countries will still be offline in 2025.

The GSMA Innovation Fund for Mobile Internet Adoption and Digital Inclusion aims to support innovative solutions to increase the adoption and use of mobile Internet for those who are not currently using it mobile Internet services.

Funded projects will focus on innovations that overcome a number of barriers to mobile Internet adoption, including  accessibility  ,  affordability  ,  digital skills  and  safety and security  , and will seek to demonstrate patterns commercially sustainable which can be scaled and replicated in similar environments.

How to register

The deadline to submit your project is  May 22, 2020  . Please download the  general conditions document   which contains details on the eligibility criteria and the application process.

If you have questions about the Fund GSMA innovation, please send  an  email to  GSMAIF@gsma.com  .

Download the T & Cs

We recently hosted a webinar where we shared additional information about the GSMA Innovation Fund and tips to help you complete your application. The recording of the webinar can be viewed  here  and the slides will be published here shortly. We will also update this page soon with an FAQ section.

Watch the webinar recording

When you are ready, click  here  to start your application.

Apply now

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