14 open positions for doctoral researchers in the RTG2530 “Biota-Mediated Effects on Carbon Cycling in Estuaries”

Posted 1 year ago

The overall mission of the Research Training Group 2530 (RTG2530) is to fill existing knowledge gaps on biota-mediated effects on estuarine C cycling under current conditions and with respect to global change scenarios. The RTG2530 has been established by an interdisciplinary group of 15 Principal Researchers at Universität Hamburg with scientific backgrounds ranging from terrestrial and marine ecology, via geoscience to microbiology and molecular plant and animal biology.

The Research Training Group (RTG 2530) “Biota-Mediated Effects on Carbon Cycling in Estuaries” starts its second phase in October 2023. We are inviting applications for 14 PhD positions (f, m, d) with an interest in interdisciplinary research on the role of biota on estuarine carbon cycling. The 14 doctoral projects built on the results of the first cohort of doctoral researchers and comprise experimental studies at three established research stations along the Elbe estuary, mesocosm studies and/or laboratory experiments. These will be combined with modelling approaches for integrating “biota-mediated effects on C cycling”.

Application Deadline: June 15th, 2023

We are offering

  • an excellent research environment
  • supervision by an interdisciplinary team
  • a structured study program with RTG lectures, lab and field courses

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