47 positions as tenure-eligible lecturer and 1 as associate professor at the public universities of Catalonia (Spain)

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The Serra Húnter Programme (SHP) is offering 47 positions as tenure-eligible lecturer and 1 as associate professor at the public universities of Catalonia (Spain). Positions are available in different fields of study within life sciences, science, engineering, social sciences and humanities. Successful candidates will be hired by the university offering the position and are expected to cooperate with existing groups and/or develop new lines of research, complementary to those already in place. Please note that these positions also entail teaching obligations. 


In order to participate, candidates must hold a PhD and are expected to have an excellent record of publications in good venues in their fields, have had international exposure and have participated in competitive research projects.They should also have teaching experience. For associate professor positions, candidates must have at least three years of post-doctoral experience.

Before submitting an application, please check here the academic requirements that candidates need to meet.


For tenure-eligible lecturers, a fixed-term full-time contract is offered for a period of up to six years. At the end of the contract, the university undertakes a process to open a permanent position as associate professor provided that the candidate passes a positive evaluation. For associate professors, a full-time permanent contract is offered. The annual starting salary is currently 36283,50 euros for a lecturer and 40037,32 euros for an associate professor, before taxes. At the end of their academic career, associate professors can have doubled their starting salary if they receive positive assessments in teaching and research merit evaluations. Lecturers may also receive salary supplements for teaching and research merits. In addition to salary, contracts include health, retirement and unemployment benefits.

Selection process

The selection process has two steps. The first step, international call, enables candidates to apply for the accreditation required to participate in the second step. The second step, competition at the university, is the actual recruitment competition process, handled by the university in accordance with its own rules. Please find further details about the process here.

Available positions

Tenure-eligible lecturer:

  • American history (S. XIX-XX)
  • Animal physiology
  • Applied economics
  • Applied physics
  • Archeology
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Catalan language
  • Communications and signal theory
  • Criminology
  • Crystallography and mineralogy
  • Didactics and educational organization (3)
  • Didactics of language and literature
  • Didactics of visual and plastic expression
  • Ecology
  • Environmental sociology
  • Experimental high energy physics
  • Food safety
  • Food technology
  • Foundations of economic analysis
  • Genetics
  • History and economic institutions
  • History of medicine
  • Human geography
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Italian philology
  • Languages and computer systems (2)
  • Materials science and metallurgical engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Molecular nutrition
  • Nutrition and bromatology
  • Nutrition and metabolism
  • Personality, assessment and psychological treatments
  • Physical chemistry (2)
  • Physiology
  • Quantitative methods for economics and business
  • Regional geographic analysis
  • Research and diagnosis methods in education
  • Social stratification
  • Sociological theory
  • Sociology of work (2)
  • Theory and history of education
  • Toxicology

Associate professor:

  • Digital politics

The call for applications will be open from September 18th until October 13th 2023 for tenure-eligible lecturer positions and from October 16th until November 2nd 2023 for associate professor positions.

Please check our website for further information on how to submit an application and a detailed list of available positions (section Second call for applications 2023): https://serrahunter.gencat.cat/en/inici/index.html

For any questions, please contact us at serrahunter@gencat.cat

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