Postdoc researchers in natural science focusing on molecular/bio aspects of skin and mucosa barriers

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Malmö University is an innovative, urban, and international higher education institute located in the centre of Malmö. We have around 1,800 employees and 25,000 students distributed over five faculties: Faculty of Health and Society, Culture and Society, Education and Society, Faculty of Odontology and Technology and Society. Our research and education are characterised by the role we believe a university should play in an open society – to contribute to sustainability and equality in a scientifically grounded way with external partners and stakeholders. Identifying and addressing the challenges of the future is of the highest priority.

The Department of Biomedical Science at the Faculty of Health and Society ( offers programmes leading to professional qualifications as a Prescriptionist and Biomedical laboratory scientist (both first cycle, 180 credits), a Master’s programme, Biomedical Surface Science (second cycle, 120 credits), as well as first and second cycle freestanding courses. The Department negotiates the multifaceted intersection between biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, and technology and the interdisciplinary approach to research and education aims to further develop the theoretical and practical understanding of the complex subject matter. Drawing on the balance between basic and applied research, the Department has been successful in attracting funding from regional, national, and international research funding bodies. In addition, in the pursuit of possible applications, several industry-funded contract research projects are currently running at the Department.

The research at the Department is also linked to our research centre “Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces” (, which involves different faculties and combines biomedical science with clinical and translational research in medical, dental, food, and environmental application areas in close collaboration with regional industry.

About the positions

We are offering several positions as postdoctoral researcher within our interdisciplinary project “Biobarriers – Health, Disorders and Healing” comprising a network of academic, industrial, and clinical partners. The general vision of the research project is to improve the health and reconstitution of biological barriers by modernizing clinical treatments and products based on molecular-level knowledge. The project further aims to expand existing collaboration with regional universities (including MAX IV and ESS) and industry to form a strong hub in Scandinavia for topical drug delivery, non-invasive analytics and technologies benefiting from a holistic view of biobarrier (skin, mucosa) research and education.

In particular, the aim of this project is to investigate how molecular and biophysical aspects of skin and mucosa are influenced by the ambient and contacts with e.g., topical formulations. Based on this knowledge, the candidates should be able to relate obtained findings to clinical treatments and industrial products aiming at improving skin and mucosa health and/or preventing defects and disorders of such biobarriers. The activities are divided into several sub-projects, each with its own specific objectives. The sub-projects are linked together by activities aimed at achieving clinical proof of concept and integrating the project’s research into education:

  1. Sustainable topical formulations: To initiate the development of sustainable and multifunctional topical formulations, which together with efficient and targeted drug delivery include sustainability features such as biodegradability, and prebiotic and probiotic characteristics.
  2. Broken barriers: To understand how molecular and structural characteristics of skin and the effect of topical formulations regulate the activity of redox/antioxidant enzymes in the tissue and translate this knowledge into measures, treatments and products for maintaining skin health, thus preventing deterioration and breaking. Main research is done exploiting physico-chemical methods and models of biobarriers and formulations.
  3. Ex vivo models of skin and mucosa: To develop advanced ex vivo cell and tissue-derived models enabling multidisciplinary and holistic studies of healthy and disordered skin and mucosa.
  4. Microbiota: To develop methods enabling studies of antimicrobials and molecular mechanisms of microbiota’s role in redox homeostasis and immune modulation in biological barriers, especially skin.
  5. Sensing: To develop sensing methods enabling (i) wireless detection of microbial overgrowth at biological barriers and wounds, and (ii) relation of general (systemic) health condition to the barrier health status.

We are looking for applicants with scientific proficiency in at least one, and preferably two to three of the five sub-projects listed. It is foreseen that all applicants describe how and where their interests and specific expertise contribute to further the development of this project. Considering that the project requires collaboration between academic, industrial, and clinical partners, it is expected that the applicant actively communicates and collaborates within this context. Documented project management and leadership abilities are therefore valued.  The applicants are further expected to take responsibility for the maintenance of the instruments involved and to be active by supervising graduate and postgraduate students and fellow scientists in the techniques and participating in teaching at graduate and postgraduate levels. In addition, the applicants will be expected to take part in applications for external funding to support research activities.

Required Qualifications and Criteria for Assessment of Applicants

Candidates must have demonstrated scientific competence corresponding to a doctoral degree. The ideal candidate holds a master’s degree in e.g., chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, or chemical engineering. Hands-on experience in techniques which could be anticipated to contribute significantly to advancing specific parts of the project is highly valued. The candidate should clearly describe where and how she/he fits into this project and how the candidate’s specific competence and skills may strengthen the team. The candidate should also have the ability to work in a team and collaborate with people in complementary disciplines, both from academia and industry. In particular, the candidate will be responsible for organizing and leading monthly meetings with academic and industrial collaboration partners.

For more information contact

Prof. Johan Engblom (Dept. Head), +46 (0)70 6087525,

Prof. Tautgirdas Ruzgas (deputy Dept. Head) +46 (0)40 6657431,

For general questions regarding employment at Malmö University, contact:

Heidi Francke (HR-specialist),

In our recruitment work, Malmö University has taken a stand regarding recruitment channels and marketing. We, therefore, decline all offers of advertising and recruitment assistance in connection with this announcement.

Form of employment and starting date

Fixed-term position, starting as soon as possible. At Malmö University, individual salary negotiations apply.


You apply through Malmö University’s recruitment system by clicking the button “apply/ansök”. You have the responsibility that your application is complete according to the adverted position. Please submit your application no later than June 25th, 2023.

The application should contain the following:

  1. Cover letter with a motivation for applying to this position
  2. A brief summary of scientific, teaching (e.g., developed teaching materials), and other qualifications relevant to the position
  3. Attested copies of certificates
  4. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  5. List of scientific publications and a written text specifying the applicant’s role in each publication
  6. Copy of doctoral dissertation or equivalent
  7. Copies of three of your most relevant scientific publications
  8. At least two references with names, titles/positions, relation to you, and contact information.

Trade union representatives

SACO-S: Ann-Mari Campbell,

Lärarförbundet: Peter Persson,

ST/OFR: Aje Carlbom

Welcome with your application!

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