The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges

Posted 12 months ago

The Foundation supports advocates of climate change mitigation. The calls for applications are open to international applicants.

The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges (MFMC) is a Norwegian foundation that supports communication projects which advance the transition to a low carbon economy.

MFMC supports projects that support urgent, large-scale transformation, with a focus on changing policies and practices in public or private institutions. The foundation’s priorities for the 2019-2023 period are to

– encourage and support innovation in climate communication

– increase the number of voices and narratives in climate advocacy

– help strengthen social and political movements that open up for radical change

– concentrate on supporting European proposals

The foundation will only consider applications that clearly fall under its strategy. Further information about the foundation, including its bylaws and its complete strategy for the period 2019–2023, is available on the MFMC website.

Please note that the foundation will not consider applications that have a purely local focus, that focuses on implementation of community-level projects such as forest conservation, tree planting, climate change adaptation, or that primarily seek to disseminate climate-related information to the general public.

MFMC traditionally announces six calls for applications every year, in two different categories: large and small grants.

LARGE GRANTS In this category, MFMC is looking for projects typically in the range of EUR 20,000 to EUR 200,000, although larger projects may be considered. The application process consists of two steps, where interested organizations are asked to initially submit a short pitch. Based on this, the organization may be invited to submit a full application if the MFMC board finds the project appealing.

SMALL GRANTS In this category, it is possible to apply for smaller grants of up to EUR 10,000 in a simplified one-stage process. Applications will be assessed by the MFMC board based on its aims and strategy.

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