PhD and Post-Doc Positions in Research for Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage – Vienna, Austria

Posted 10 months ago

Energy demand is growing worldwide, and global warming and climate change are challenges of our time. Therefore, we must urgently replace fossil fuels with renewable resources. Storing vast amounts of renewable energy can only be done in chemical bonds. Thus, we need efficient methods to generate reversible carriers of renewable energy. Electro- and photocatalysis for generating green H₂, chemicals, and fuels must be developed further. The rare metals currently required for green technologies are expensive, show low efficiency and stability, and can even be toxic. Tackling these challenges requires a dedicated, joint research effort – the Austrian government has therefore funded a Cluster of Excellence spanning four top universities in Austria. We aim at an atomic-level understanding of the involved processes and breakthroughs in energy materials design (abundant, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, stable). In that way, fundamental research enables sustainable technologies.

Additional information is available on the homepage of the MECS – Cluster of Excellence:

We invite interested PhD and Post-Doctoral candidates to become part of an active community of scientists at the forefront of research around new electrocatalytic strategies, photocatalysis, and computational modelling & materials simulations. You will also participate in networking events, international conferences, transferable skills and career development training.

Details of the application process and more information about the current call are available on our recruiting website:

We offer fully funded positions at TU Wien, the University of Vienna, IST Austria, and the University of Innsbruck.

Application deadline: Immediate applications are welcome. The faculty will start reviewing the first applications on the 25th of September 2023. Later applications will be reviewed periodically until all positions are filled.

Initial hearings: Autumn 2023 (Online)

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