In this article published on the Carenity website, a patient with Parkinson’s disease shares his testimony on how he managed to reverse the process of his disease. According to him, a healthy and balanced diet, regular physical exercise, as well as meditation and therapy played a key role in his remission. It also explains the importance of finding natural and alternative solutions in addition to conventional drug treatments for Parkinson’s disease. His testimony encourages other patients with this disease not to lose hope and to adopt a healthy lifestyle to improve their quality of life.

Hello Leparigo, you have accepted to testify for Carenity and we thank you for it.

First of all, could you tell us more about yourself (who you are, your family life, what you like…)?

My dad was a printer. I was a quiet student. I have always liked to learn. I had a sporty adolescence (cycling) and I was passionate about reading. I did the Technical School of Paris XIth: drawings, history of art… and I obtained the diploma of upholsterer-decorator. Self-taught,  I succeed in almost everything I do  ( what’s the point of being modest if no one knows about it!  Sacha Guitry). In the army, I was transferred to the BOT (work organization office) of a supply detachment not far from Baden-Baden. It was in the army that I learned to use an Olivetti keyboard with trolley (typewriter). I learned about  management  which  will then be useful to me in my professional life.
With my wife, we have two children and three grandchildren. This year 2021 announces our golden wedding anniversary! According to the children, we are “  prehistoric of the union  ”.

I worked with my wife and we did well. The end of a so-called “thirty-glorious” period has benefited us greatly despite the economic storms. Decorator and decorator for 30 years in Paris, we have practiced our profession in museums, theatres, cinemas and large residences, including abroad. We were overjoyed by our children who had become brilliant in their studies and their professions. Our grandchildren are following in their mother’s footsteps.

Obviously, we like art and painting, reading, cultural outings. We love DIY in all areas. Hiking, seaside, travel, in short! gourmands of everything and fine gourmets!

You have Parkinson’s disease and were diagnosed at the age of 65. Could you tell us what prompted you to consult? How did you feel when the diagnosis was announced?

The first consultation is due following a “  black hole  ” when speaking during a debate. So I decide to consult. The doctor wants to be reassuring but announces to me straight away,  Parkinson!  He sends me for consultation with a neurologist with a scanner examination. I know deep down inside that a denial is taking place . The diagnosis was confirmed to me by an unfriendly specialist: “ As you know, it’s a degenerative disease that can’t be cured! like Alzheimer’s…  ” – Doctor, what will happen? And without formulating it, the answer is laconic: –  It’s  irreversible … Degeneration… It’s incurable ! He knocks me out for ten days!!! Ingratitude pushed to its climax! Annoyed, I have to admit that  Parkinson’s officially comes into my life , which calls into question a few projects and plunges my family into disarray.

Conventional medicine didn’t talk about healing… And you didn’t accept that. What did you decide to do at that time?

After this sentence, I recover from this annoyance, I felt almost guilty, probably out of ignorance,  I did not accept the disease . I submit against my will to the treatment. I search on the net, on specialized books, I had read several times that people diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and others with various so-called incurable diseases, had come out of it thanks to their will  and  their  researchWhy not me ? 

After 30 months of torture under allopathy*, I decided to take up the challenge and here I am, by obligation, busy for retirement with  the hunt for torment and physical tremors . So I immersed myself in  the literature of neuroscience  for several years. I study, I write. After having devoured  more than a hundred books  and as many articles dealing with Parkinson’s disease, I select information that will become  my “protocol” of care .

*The term “allopathy” is a concept used by proponents of alternative medicine to refer to conventional evidence-based medicine.

Could you tell us about the alternative therapies you have tried? What did they bring you? What was really effective for you?

I tested a few therapies such as: short fasting for 4 or 5 days, homeotherapy (which I kept the essentials of), phytotherapy, plants which are my allies forever, and I removed the drugs allopathics dedicated to parkinsonians. I mainly practice dynamic walking with (natural) light therapy which is also essential.

The effectiveness is indeed the  herbal medicine  that I associate with a  mainly organic food  chosen with  nutritive substances essential  for a  good cellular functioning of the brain  as well as for my  intestinal microbiota . Physical  and  intellectual exercise , listening to music, are good complements that stimulate a  restful sleep  and without forgetting the fact of removing everything that could be one of the causes of this pathology.

Could you say that you succeeded in silencing Parkinson’s disease? How long has it been since she showed up?

With this new lifestyle, in  six months  and with only 200 mg of mucuna-pruriens,  I became “normal” again . Yes, indeed, I managed to reverse the process of my Parkinson’s with a major obligation, to keep and maintain  a good quality of life , to move away from all oxidation, environmental pollution, a chosen diet, and with my intake of  mucuna -pruriens  every morning on an empty stomach upon waking.

 This tranquility and satisfaction of well-being has been present  for five years  without Parkinson’s manifesting itself, reduced to silence. So I succeeded. I admit I was the first surprised! I started out of ignorance to put in place what could help. However, if I had known that it took  two or three years of literary research  to “validate my personal protocol”, without counting the  periods of discouragement , with Miss Parki who came back to seek my company, I would perhaps not have begin. Caught up in this ball of neuroscience out of curiosity, with an unintended effect; the obsession to succeed! I silenced Parkinson!

You wrote My Victory Over Parkinson’s. What has writing this book brought to you on a personal level? Why is it important for you to share your journey with the disease to as many people as possible?

The writing of this book, which was not planned, brought me, initially, an intellectual gymnastics, a renewal with the writing in order to employ the precise words for any explanation. Words are the mirror of thought and the image of description . This writing on the keyboard has become a pleasure which is undoubtedly  a good “unrusting”  of the connections of the cortex. To write about Parkinson’s, you need a complete understanding of the mechanism of the functioning of the neurons concerned and of the “non” functioning. Then, detail the complicated concepts in the form of  summaries understandable for all .

Without having wanted to, sharing my journey became obvious to me. From the beginning of the disease, I kept a diary, like  a logbook on my physical condition and medication . Family, friends, meetings noted the improvement in my condition and invited me to talk about it. It clicked in me, I had to testify. My manuscript has grown as my  explanatory research  with  scientific references .

My research led me to observations of first intentions to face this  neuronal disorder . Conventional medicine has not sufficiently investigated the  physiological and nutritional causes  of this disease.
Example  : prescribing the L-Dopa substitute as 50 years ago, at “all hours of the day like at fast food” and still ignoring today  the beneficial schedules of this  L-Dopa prescription, whether natural or synthesis for the majority of parkinsonian subjects, this is a mistake.

I don’t claim to be the scientific solution on my own, but I like the Confucius-style slogan: ”  I’d rather see things with my own eyes than seen and reported by 100 other people  .” Without forgetting that there are parkinsonians around the world who have taken charge and are  in remission  : in Germany, England, South Africa, Canada, India and the USA, by modifying their food bolus, daily sport or another alternative medicine. This clearly indicates that a physiological solution exists but escapes conventional medicine in so-called developed countries.

This is what I summarize in  a second version  that is clearer, easier to access than the previous one, published in January 2021 “My victory over Parkinson’s: Outsmarting Parkinson’s, my healing journey” at the request of Editions Mosaïque -Health . 

What advice would you give to people also affected by Parkinson’s disease to “cure”?

Make sure you have to deal with  a good specialist  who correctly masters this pathology. Easier to write than to be able to convince oneself of it for a neophyte, as I was. I had in me, for a great number of years,  a distrust and a limited confidence  following  several therapeutic disappointments and specialists whose skills have proven, over time, to be insufficient. This is what pushed me to want to understand the disease. If your neurologist dispatches the consultation in a few minutes, does not ask you about your past professional life, your place of living, is not interested in the proper functioning of your intestine, your food bolus, the quality of your sleep and if from the outset you find yourself with 4 to 6 doses of medication,  change it!
If you live near vineyards or fruit orchards sprayed with multiple chemical treatments, if you live near a high traffic road like a ring road or near an airport, move  !

First of all, you have to take care of your intestine (called “microbiota”) so that this wall of the digestive tract is efficient and not irritated (porous) so that pathogenic bacteria no longer pass through  . Remove any  oxidizing food  to fight against the acidification of  neuronal vessels  (tissue acidosis). Supplement with minerals, substances, because certain nutrients have disappeared from our daily diet, such as selenium, zinc, copper, vitamin B1, B6, B12, E, C. Without forgetting vitamin D. Supplement with light  therapyyoga  or a  concentration on oneself  to have the will to cure in order to reverse the subconscious and the disease towards a possible cure. Simply believe in it to do it.

A well-chosen, hypotoxic and tonic diet. It must be respected and held for the first medicine as before. Physical exercises such as dynamic walking, 4 to 6 km/h and lasting 60 to 90 minutes, or more if you can, are essential. We are made to move, to exert ourselves in order to eliminate toxins and excess medication , and to make our cells work, strengthen our bones, maintain our muscles, and mainly the heart, oxygenate our brain which needs hydrogen and other substances to work well. You have to walk at least 40 minutes to 1 hour, five times a week.

Restoring quality sleep is important because some Parkinsonian symptoms may be due to insomnia and vice versa. A sleep must be restorative, it is essential to  reverse the process of degeneration . We don’t sleep a third of our lives for nothing! Let me explain: it is during the period of nocturnal sleep that the substance is “made”, within the dopaminergic neurons,  which will become dopamine  and will be stored in the synaptic buttons to be released on waking, during the day for our muscular contraction. and released continuously to ensure any desired movement.

Care should be taken with the consumption of L-Dopa prescribed during the day because it creates this muscle relaxation within 2 to 3 hours after taking it. More than 95% of L-Dopa does not reach the brain. The treatment stimulates a period of time, after 50 minutes following the intake, for 1 to 2 hours, the muscle plexuses, which will give the patient the impression that Parkinson’s is being forgotten. An hour later, it will take the next dose and then fall back into the relaxation pattern. The increase in the doses prescribed by the doctor will not help the matter because, again, the patient is in muscular relaxation during the day and his tremors reappear: the brain drowned under L-Dopa. The drug solution is respect for  the chronology of neurohormones and our circadian cycle. How ? The necessary L-Dopa (100 to 300 mg) physiologically associated with the hormone melatonin which comes into action from 9 p.m. to 6 or 7 a.m. That is to say that the taking of synthetic or natural L-Dopa (mucuna-pruriens), in order to compensate for a possible insufficient production of dopamine, is therefore to be taken between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m., dinner frugale will have been taken 2 hours before, and in the morning as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach between 6 and 7 am. This is the key, the discovery that I develop in my book, for a successful removal of the turpitudes of a large number of Parkinson’s patients. What the majority of neurologists ignore because this  therapeutic method is not taught during their training.

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