Apply for the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation scholarship programs

Scholarships , including:
1. International program of the Imam Khatip Islamic High School (secondary school).
2. Undergraduate program in International Islamic Studies (BA).

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The Foundation manages projects and facilitates educational opportunities in Turkey for students by providing scholarships to successful students, dormitories for higher education, guesthouses for students and opened a college and university. Our foundation forms a bridge between the hearts of nations and offers training in Turkey to students from 111 countries such as the imam hatip international high school, the international deity program and the international guest student program.

Areas of concentration of opportunities:

for the Imam Hatip High School Scholarship Program

  • History
  • Holy quran
  • Geography
  • Arab
  • Mathematics
  • Basic Islamic Studies
  • Geometry
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • History of religions
  • Health Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • A foreign language
  • visual arts
  • The music
  • circulation
  • Health aid

for the International Islamic Baccalaureate program.

  • philosophy
  • Literature
  • history
  • sociology
  • psychology
  • the history of art
  • in addition to taking basic courses in Islamic sciences.

Languages ​​required

No specific language is required.

eligible countries


Program period

4 years

Eligibility conditions (criteria)

  • Applicants for the Imam Hatip high school scholarship program must meet
    the following conditions:
    1. Not to be a citizen or not claim to be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, 2. To be born on 01.01.2004 at the earliest
    3. To be single (not married)
    4. Graduated from a school (secondary or intermediate) equivalent to the
    8th year in Turkey with at least a good degree of (70%)
    5. No to be punished for any disciplinary measure during his education in
    his country
    6. Not having repeated or suspended school for more than two
    years without valid excuse after having completed secondary education,
    7. Not having completed primary education in Turkey.
    8. Having no mental or physical health problem or obstacle to
    study in Turkey
    . 9. Families of students must live outside of Turkey.
    10. Not to be a refugee and not to live with your family in Turkey.
    11. Live his own country where he is a citizen.
    12. Those enrolled in the international Imam Hatip High School program in Turkey and those who have completed their secondary studies in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus will not benefit from the quotas left to the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus for undergraduate studies in Turkey.
  • Applicants to the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation’s International Islamic Scholarship Program must meet the following conditions.

1. Not be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.

2. Those who are Turkish citizens or have lost Turkish citizenship for any reason cannot apply for the international Islamic scholarship program.

3. Be born no earlier than 01.01.1999.

4. Not have mental or physical health problems and obstacles to study in Turkey.

5. Be a graduate of a high school equivalent to grade 12 in Turkey with at least a good diploma (70%).

6. Not having repeated or suspended school for more than two years without valid excuse after having completed high school.

7. Not be penalized for any disciplinary action during your education in your country.

8. Those who were previously students of the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation while studying at any level of education can apply if their scholarship has not ended with the Foundation.

9. Those currently studying in Turkey cannot apply for the TDF Islamic scholarship program.

Opportunity cost

(Fully funded)

  • Clothing and stationery costs (During the winter, the foundation
    offers scholarships in clothing once a year.)
  • Annual return ticket to the countries of origin (the Foundation provides students with free return air tickets each year during their studies in Turkey)
  • Free summer camps for students and providing additional Turkish, Arabic and Quran lessons. These camps are held at summer resorts outside the major cities and include swimming, sports and other recreational activities.
  • Free extracurricular activities include Arabic, English, the Koran…
  • Accommodation (Students obtain their residence permit in cooperation with our provincial offices for the coordination of educational services and all expenses are covered by the foundation)
  • Each year, the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation provides health insurance to
  • the foundation supports its students with monthly scholarships in amounts determined by the TDF board of directors at the beginning of each year.
  • Training opportunities and social activities
  • pay tuition fees for students admitted to scholarships

How to register

First step: 

The team informs you that To apply for a scholarship, you must first become a member of the “Diyanet Bursları Yönetim Sistemi” (DBYS) and activate this membership from here

Second step:

Add the following documents for both scholarships:

  • Identity card / passport or certified copy of passport
  • An official health report stating that the student does not have a health record
  • 6 identity photos (4.5 x 6 cm)
  • Study permit for a Turkish foreign mission
  • Turkish Equivalency Certificate

Additional requirements for the Anadolu Imam Hatip International High School program

  • Valid original high school diploma (certificate) or a certified true copy of the diploma,
  • High school transcript indicating that the student has completed their studies with a good diploma
  • Birth certificate or certified copy of the birth certificate
  • Authorization of parents or guardians for the applicant to study in Turkey

Additional Requirements for the Undergraduate Program of the International Islamic Scholarship

  • Valid original high school diploma (certificate) or certified copy
  • High school transcript indicating that student has completed a good degree
  • Cover letter and reference letter
  • If the candidates have academic, professional, linguistic diplomas….

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