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Neobux is a PTC (pay to click) site that has been online for over 10 years and is a highly trusted and used site for online earning.  If you would like to join it simply click here, provide your email address and set a password for your account.  Its that simple.  Earning can be done in 5 mins per day on Neobux, or you can choose to spend more time on it if you want.

I first used Neobux about 8 years ago but unfortunately I did not really understand how to use it to make a real income.  I am sure I am not the only one who just didn’t get it – how can clicking on ads for $0.001 actually pay people several hundred dollars per month? But it does….and now I understand how.

Like many sites out there Neobux has quite a lot of ways to earn available.  Some of the options being easier than others, some paying more than others etc.  The full list is shown below:

Methods of Earning

  1. Viewing Ads
  2. Playing Ad Prize
  3. Completing Mini Jobs
  4. Completing Offers
  5. Watching Videos
  6. Completing Surveys
  7. Installing Phone Apps and Games
  8. Playing Games
  9. Referring Others

As all the different sections can be a little confusing when you are new to the site I suggest you start with the simplest option which is the ad clicks:

If you are not a member yet, sign up to Neobux here (and come back here to learn how to earn money with Neobux):

neobux registernow
Viewing Ads

This is a very simple way to earn as shown:

Click advertshow to click


When you first start doing this you will probably think as I did before “this will take forever to make any money”.  Its true, if the only thing you do is the ad clicks then it will take quite some time to get to the very low cash out level of $2.  Over the next few blog posts however I will be showing you exactly how to boost your income.  For now all you need to do is register by clicking here, do the ad clicks as shown and trust by the end of my little series of posts about Neobux you will fully understand how people turn $0.001 into amounts like this:


If you are not a member yet, sign up to Neobux here (and come back here to learn how to earn money with Neobux):
neobux registernow

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