A dog has been waiting for its sick Turkish owner outside the hospital for 5 days

The dog has been waiting for five days outside a Turkish hospital where the owner is in intensive care for treatment.

According to the Anatolian correspondent, the ambulance transported the Turkish citizen, Under Solo, five days ago to a hospital in the city of Partin, due to health problems he is suffering from, and he has been in intensive care ever since. The dog, who was being cared for by Solo, ran behind the ambulance as he was transporting Solo to the hospital until he arrived, and has been lying at his door until his owner comes out and refuses to leave.

On the other hand, some hospital staff provide food to the dog daily, and they are satisfied with his loyalty to his sick companion. “We don’t know the name of the dog, but we call him the brave, and we meet all his requirements on a daily basis, and he continues to wait at the place day and night,” said Ahmed Ramis Oztekin, a radiologist at the hospital. He stressed that the behavior of this dog is a fine example of loyalty that human beings must follow.

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