10 places on earth that no one is allowed to visit

1- North Sentinel Island

The sentinel tribe of the northern island of Centenel would have existed for 60,000 years, and it is one of the last societies in the world still completely isolated from external societies. In 2006, a boat of two fishermen drifted into the shallow waters of the northern island of Sentinel, but was killed by members of the tribe. Since then, there have been other reports of tribesmen shooting arrows at passing helicopters.

Since the Sentinels did not develop immunity against the diseases to which the rest of the population was resistant, contact with strangers can be fatal; The Indian government has therefore agreed to avoid contact with them.

2- The Bohemian Grove

The Bohemian Grove is a private land of 11 km² in California, in which approximately 2000 people meet each year, for two weeks, to talk about world affairs and practice specific rituals: “Cremation of Care” say “issues of concern ”.

This secret place is reserved only for influential men of the planet such as bankers, presidents (George Bush, Bill Clinton, Valery Giscard d’Estaing…), ministers, governors, directors of the FBI and CIA, actors (Clint Eastwood), billionaires, scientists (Neil Armstrong)… and it’s unclear what they’re doing there.

3. Snakes Island, Brazil

The island is home to a huge group of the world’s deadliest snakes, and the poison “spearhead” is so dangerous that it melts human flesh around the bite.

Some claim that there is one snake per square meter in certain areas. For security reasons, the Brazilian government does not allow visits to this island.

4- The Vatican archives

The Vatican Apostolic Secret Archives are located in the Holy See (place assimilated to the Pope) and represent an important collection of manuscripts, books, ancient tablets, acts, which describe past events and various information concerning the government and the world in general.

Only the Pope can freely access these documents, as well as certain authorities of the Catholic hierarchy in exceptional cases. There are for example descriptions concerning the trial of Galileo, the excommunication of Martin Luther, or letters from Michelangelo …

5- Poveglia Island (Italy)

This island is located off Venice in Italy, barely 800 meters separate the Poveglia from Venice. From Roman times to the Renaissance, the island served as a burial place. People with bubonic plague were sent there for quarantine. Between the mid-twentieth century and 1968, the island was known for its place of rest and convalescence.

In the 1800s, there would have been a mental hospital. According to the conspiracy sites, the island is haunted and the patients of the mental hospital saw ghosts there because nearly 200,000 people were buried there. Today, the island is closed to the public.

6- Metro 2 (Russia)

Metro 2 is not a Moscow public transport line. It is indeed a metro line, but it is reserved for important people in case of attacks. Joseph Stalin is said to have requested this line during his tenure as president of the cabinet of the USSR between 1946 and 1953.

It would link the Kremlin, the headquarters of the federal and security services, the Ministry of Defense and other strategic locations based in Moscow. However, the existence of such a line has never been confirmed by the Russian authorities.

7- Area 51 in the United States

This geographic area is located in America, in the state of Nevada. It is an aeronautical research area which regularly performs tests on more or less futuristic devices. She is notably known for having hosted the Lockheed U-2, a spy plane used during the Second World War against Soviet territory. This place is closely watched by truck patrols, helicopters and motion detectors. It is the subject of many conspiracy theories concerning UFOs: many believe that the employees of the region study their flying machines or establish direct relations with the extraterrestrials… It is possible to go and check it more closely…

8- The pine ditch in Australia

This station in central Australia does not have an airstrip, so it is only accessible by road. It is a site prohibited to the public since it consists in monitoring the satellites in order to follow the messages that they record, to locate certain signals and to analyze them. If from the outside you can see some sort of domes, the base that accommodates 800 people is mostly underground and therefore has many secrets to hide.

9- The caves of Lascaux (France)

These caves were created over 17,000 years ago by Paleolithic men. The paintings bear witness to the hunter’s life that our ancestors led. This cave was discovered in 1940, by chance. Since then, traces of mold have been noted. The site, having been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980, was then closed to preserve it.

Life-size reproductions have been opened, to allow the curious to soak up the prehistoric atmosphere. Since December 15, 2016, virtual tours are also available on the Lascaux 4 site.

10- Pripyat, the ghost town

This Ukrainian village called Pripyat was once populated by many inhabitants, but it has been abandoned for about thirty years, because of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which occurred in 1986. The accident led the population to flee their house so as not to be contaminated by radiation present on the ground. These latter indeed represent a great danger for the different living species (humans, plants, animals). According to specialists, a week of exposure would be enough to cause the death of a person, hence the obligation not to approach this city. That said, people have lived in and around this area for years …

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