Discover the Top 10 most used names in the world!

It is much more difficult to make this type of classification than it seems. As much for the most used names in France each year or since 1946, it’s simple, but in the world it’s a different story. We know for sure that Mohamed and Marie are the most common names in the world. For the others, on the other hand, scholarly calculations are essential, based on ultra-complex algorithms and crosses stemming from exhausting research, with the nose in the books and registers of each country in the world. While taking into account all the derivatives of first names, the story will ultimately deliver a significant top. Yes, it’s work!

1. Mohamed
It is by far the most popular first name in the world. Especially if you take into account all the variations. The closest, like Mohammed, or the most distant, like Mamadou.

2. Mary
A name that is famous almost everywhere. So Marie, but also Maria, Mariah, Mary, etc. A classic that will never go out of style.

3. Santiago
It has always been a great success for this Hebrew name, derived from Jacques.

4. Sophie
Meaning wisdom in Greek, the first name Sophie is everywhere. Sophie, Sophia, Sofia and even, if we extrapolate a little more, Sonia, who comes from Sophie. Suddenly, that makes a package!

5. Emma
There are Emma in France, in all Europe, in the United States, in Latin America, in Asia, everywhere. Even at Topito! We can write it in different ways, like for example Ema or Imma and we can also take into account all Emmanuelle.

6. John
It is not really a surprise, because there again, it is a first name which has many derivatives, with Jonathan or Johnny at the top of the list. We must also take into account the Jean, Jan and of course the Juan, also very numerous on the surface of the globe.

7. Ali
The first name Ali quickly acquired a kind of universality through the ages, to the point of establishing itself as one of the most used in the world. Meaning “high, high” in its Arabic version, it is also common in Latin America or Europe, but also in the Scandinavian countries, where it finds its origins in mythology (Ali is the other name of the god Vali, son of ‘Odin).

8. Anna
Anna, but also Hannah, or Ana, Anastasia and of course Anne. Anna’s is said to be sweet and complex. In any case, they are present in numbers all over the world.

9. Lily
Very worn in China, where it occupies the fourth place in the general top of female names, Lily is a derivative of the English name Elizabeth (or Elisabeth). Lizzie, Elise, Betty and even Livia and Leslie are considered derivatives.

10. William
Super popular in Anglo-Saxon countries, in its complete form but also through its derivatives, like Will and Willy, William is a safe bet. It would find its origins in the Germanic given name Wilhelm (Guillaume). The Guillaume and William would therefore be in cahoots and therefore would not have usurped their place in this top.

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