A study from San Raffaele Hospital in Milan reveals this. According to the doctors behind this study, 42% of the patients followed suffer from some form of anxiety and 28% of them have developed post-traumatic syndromes.

The Covid-19 appears to have an impact on the mental health of a large portion of the people who have caught the virus. This is the result of an investigation carried out by doctors from the Italian hospital of San Raffaele, relayed by the Guardian.

“The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Covid-19) coronavirus pandemic could have psychiatric implications,” say the scientists. To perform their study, they observed 402 adult people who survived the coronavirus one month after their treatment.

The results are frightening. According to scientists, 28% of the patients examined suffer from post-traumatic stress, 31% from depression, 42% from anxiety or 40% from insomnia.

Women most affected
The Guardian points out that women, although less susceptible than men to the coronavirus, are more vulnerable to mental disorders after being infected with the virus.
And those examined who have already developed psychiatric disorders in the past suffered more than those without a history.

But how to explain these psychiatric consequences of the coronavirus? ”These disorders can be caused both by the immune response to the virus itself or by psychological stressors such as social isolation, the psychological impact of a new serious and potentially fatal disease, fear of infect others and stigma. “

The researchers suggest “to evaluate the psychopathology of Covid-19 survivors and to further research on inflammatory biomarkers, in order to diagnose and treat emerging psychiatric conditions”.