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Find a scholarship among the 5900 scholarships at the University of Toronto

The University offers comprehensive scholarship programs that recognize outstanding achievement at different levels of study. The team informs you that the University, its colleges, faculties and divisions award each year approximately 5,000 admission scholarships totaling nearly $ 23 million and nearly 5,800 scholarships in progress.

Undergraduate scholarships

The U of T offers over 5,105 separate scholarships for undergraduate students. Some awards may have multiple recipients, while others only have one.

The University offers comprehensive scholarship programs that recognize outstanding achievement at different levels of study.

Overall, the university, its colleges, faculties and divisions give 4500 scholarships for admission totaling nearly $ 20 million.

Students have access to nearly 5,900 scholarships each year . These scholarships are for current students who excel in their programs.

The best students will automatically be considered for most of these awards, but be sure to browse the different opportunities, as some require applications .

With a few exceptions, students are allowed to combine scholarships , so continue to apply for scholarships even after your admission to the University of T.

For more general information on finances at U of T, please visit  U of T Awards .

Graduate and postdoctoral scholarships

The U of T offers more than 2,400 scholarships to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

The awards listed in this repository are typically those for which an application is required. Many awards are not displayed publicly because students are automatically considered.

Funding opportunities for graduate students vary depending on whether you are enrolled in a professional program or a research program.

Research programs

Students accepted into most master’s and doctoral programs will receive funding from their graduate unit. Funding programs vary across individual programs and may include a combination of: scholarships of studies, scholarships or awards from the University of Toronto, and teaching assistantships and research. The amount of your funding program, the number of years you will receive it and the composition of the funding will depend on your specific program; as such, your  graduate study unit  is the best contact to answer your questions.

Professional programs

While students in professional graduate programs typically self-fund their educational expenses through a variety of programs, including student loans and student lines of credit, a number of study units graduate programs offer selected scholarships to students in professional programs. You can now search for them using the tool above.

For more information and funding options, please see:  How Funding Works: Professional Programs  .

Postdoctoral fellowships

There are a variety of possibilities for those seeking funding for their postdoctoral fellowship. Funding can come from the grant or research resources of your supervisor, government and health agencies, and scholarship programs .

For more information on graduate and postdoctoral scholarships , please see the  list of  graduate scholarships  .

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