Research Assistant (part-time) at Public University of Navarra (Spain) ERC-2021-StG project InteVol

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Institute of Smart Cities (ISC) of Public University of Navarra in Spain offers a part-time contract linked to carrying our tasks and duties within the Research Project « InteVol » ERC-2021 nº 101042702.

Tasks to carry out: simulation of wave propagation and fluid dynamics through neural networks and optimisation. Conduct associated experiments.

Professional category: Project Assistant, largely a researcher in nature.

Type of contract: in agreement with the provisions established in article 23 bis of Law 14/2011, of 1 June, on Science, Technology and Innovation, the hiring shall be implemented through a scientific-technical activity contract. Indefinite, linked to the Research Project “InteVol”.

Type of workday: part-time

Payment: that established on the Annex to the Regulations to hire Research Staff of Public University of Navarre, approved by agreement of the Governing Council on 3 May 2017, amended by agreement of Government Council of 12 April 2022, updated to 2022.


Research Field
Computer science
Education Level
Bachelor Degree or equivalent

Official Bachelor’s Degree, degree (formerly Diplomatura) in Computer Science or Data Science.


Additional Information


The possibility of working in a Research institute and collaborate with other Research Groups. A dynamic and stimulating research environment,

Eligibility criteria

Selection scale

SECTION 1: Academic record Points 30
The academic record required to access this call (Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Data Science) shall be valued proportionally to the average mark obtained up to 30 points.
SECTION 2: Specific training and experience on the project’s topic Points 20
-Specific training on the project’s topic: development of waves and fluids optimisation and simulation applications. Students may prove them through courses and academic activity (end-of-Bachelor’s-degree project, subjects). Maximum 10 points.

-Work experience related to the offer developing activities including teaching, development, maintenance and consulting work, 1 point per month. Maximum 10 points.

SECTION 3: Advanced English skills Points 20
-Candidates with a C1 or C2 English level will be granted 10 points in this section.
SECTION 4:      Personal interview Points 30
Personal interview to only those candidates with the three highest number of points adding up the previous sections, provided they have obtained at least 40 points. The suitability of the candidates for the functions to be developed during the time of contract shall be assessed throughout the interview.


The minimum score required to pass the selection process will be 50 points.

The ties that occur in the final result of the selection process will be settled in favour of those who obtain the highest score in SECTION 4. With equal scores, by those who obtain the highest score in SECTION 2. If the tie persists, the selection process will be resolved by lottery.


Selection process

The application to this selection process shall be telematic through the On-line office of Public University of Navarre, in the following link:

Click on “Iniciar trámite” (Start procedure)

In the field “Anexar ficheros” (Attach files) you must attach the following documents for each category of position:

-Application form.

-Photocopy of the ID card, Spanish ID card for foreigners or passport.

-Photocopy of the degree required in the call.

-Photocopy of the academic record, specifying the average grade.

-Curriculum vitae with all the proof of merits deemed appropriate.

The application form can be found is in this link:

Once the assessment of the merits submitted by the applicants is finished, the Vice-Chancellor of Research shall declare the list of applicants who have passed the selection process approved. This list shall be published on the electronic board of Public University of Navarra…

Caractéristiques de l'emploi

Catégorie emploiEnseignement et recherche scientifique

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