Medical students launch free online preparation platform

As of Monday August 17, 2020, a free training platform for the internship competition will be made available to medical students. Its goal: equal opportunities.
By students, for students. This is the principle of the ecnifree site , a free training platform for the internship competition for medical students.

Launch on August 17, 2020
Prior registrations are open, the official launch being scheduled for Monday August 17, 2020. Five students – Elyes Karray, Laure Vergeron, Céline Laroche, Carla Valette and Alaedine Benani – are at the origin of this born project In Toulouse . “We use an algorithm that pulls question suggestions from our official drug repositories,” says Carla Valette, one of the co-founders. This 23-year-old student is in her fifth year at the Toulouse Faculty of Medicine.

More than 3,000 MCQs of training
As of August 17, before the resumption of the academic year, the members of the ecnifree site team have undertaken to offer more than 3,000 MCQs of training. And this, at first. “It will already be a first version”, announces Carla Valette. “The goal is to generate as many multiple choice questions as possible! We intend to bring new content, evolving files, and possibly even revision sheets… ”

To do this, the project managers rely on two engineers trained at Polytechnique and who are among the founders. “They provide us with the necessary qualifications for coding, site design, etc.,” says La Toulousaine.

Objective: fight against inequalities between candidates
The project is completely altruistic, to “ensure equal opportunities” between students. And to add:

We address ourselves to all medical externs, between the fourth and sixth year, who review the courses for the internship competition. There are several specialties to review. This competition allows you to choose your specialty and your city. The more we are classified, the more choices we have… And to be very good, you have to be very well trained… Hence the success of private training… It is a very lucrative activity, we must not hide it. But not all students can afford it, so they find themselves at a disadvantage compared to others …

The site already has more than 2,300 subscribers on behalf of Instagram: students from Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), Lille (Nord), or Grenoble (Isère)…

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